Blade Runner 047

A study of a still from the film Bladerunner.

A lighting study from Bladerunner. This took me about 1 hour. I didn’t capture much of a likeness as I was focused on getting the overall lighting of the scene. The most difficult part of this image was capturing the face in the dark. The variations are quite subtle and I struggle to choose which details to capture. I’d like to do more of these studies from movie stills, as time permits, to get a better feel for dramatic lighting.


  • I know that I need to think more about describing forms, rather than copying what I’m seeing, especially since the light sources here are so ambiguous and soft.
  • The background and the areas of greatest contrast went rather quickly, I spent the vast majority of the time with the subtle variations in the face.
  • The background colors could be more vibrant, I didn’t quite get the quality of the yellow green.
  • I am pleased with how adding a very simple shape to indicate the reflected light on his jacket from his face, gives it form. It’s all about doing more with fewer strokes.

See the original here: